I've built a full ceramics studio, electric kiln, sawdust/fire & raku kiln. As an "outside the box"  guy I'm open to making things other folks don't. I create handmade pipes, incense burners, miniature adobe houses, skulls, as well as cups, plates, bowls and more. I also sculpt ceramic nudes and erotica sculptors.


Nudes & Erotica

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I am a NIKON photographer with over 14 years experience  & I have shot all kinds of events over the years. 

Full Ceramic Studio


My Artwork

I've been involved with art most of my life. I love to experiment and try new things. Click the button below to check it out.

I have a love of clowns! I sketch, paint and sculpt them. To me they convey joy, but also a subtle sadness. 

"It's a journey not a destination!" 

I sketch daily and often add color later with paint and pens. I also scan a sketch and paint it in Photoshop. 

I don't like to be tied to traditional methods. Early on I started painting with my mouse and became more experienced with Photoshop techniques.


Sketches, Paintings, Sculptors, Humanized Kokopelli's 

Sketch & Paint

Woody's Artroom

Sketches, Paintings, Sculptures, Ceramics and More