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​Art Room

Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, Ceramics and More

​I am "Old World" wizards and gnomes. I like to do things that are difficult, it holds my interest, so learning the human body  was a fascinating challenge.  I sketch for an hour or so every morning using various materials. In the afternoon I paint for an hour or so. I paint with acrylics, gouache and watercolors using brush, sponge & airbrush. 
My morning sketching wakes me up and helps me get loose. I sketch from images I find on Pinterest and a YouTube page called CROQUIS CAFE (click here if you would like to check it out). The word croquis is French and simply means "sketch". I only spend a few minutes on each one and will post some every so often. 

I don't like to be tied to traditional methods. Early on I started painting with my mouse and became more experienced with Photoshop techniques. I have various types of tablets that I like to sketch on using a stylus.  

​​Woody Woodgrift


Based in Gold Canyon, Arizona