Woody's Artroom

Sketches, Paintings, Sculptures, Ceramics and More


My Ceramic work is dedicated to my first love Fawn Liebowitz.  A  20 year old sophomore at Emily Dickinson College, she was tragically killed in a kiln explosion while firing a pot for me in the new kiln.  


Ceramics will be my last ride and I hope it's a long one.  I have a full and complete studio built by yours truly. I'm an outside the box  guy and open to making things other folks don't do such as: Pipes, Sex Toys, Rattlesnake Tails, Incense Burners, Nude Sculptures, Erotic Sculptures, Clowns, Kokopelli, Skull Head Jugs, as well as Cups, Plates, Bowls and on and on. Fun Stuff!